April Minutes

POE PTO Board Meeting Minutes

April 12, 2018

8:20 am-9:15 am

Meeting called to order by President Shelley Griffis

Minutes from 3/8/18 were approved

Attendance: Shelley Griffis, Kim Cripps, Shannon White, Kelly Windham, Deberah Miller, Jenny Templin, and Mrs. Hocutt

President’s Report – given by Shelley Griffis

PTO Board Nominations for 2018-2019

We only received 3 responses. We received two volunteers for Hospitality Coordinator and it was agreed that they would share the job. We received another volunteer to act as Communications Chair and Shelley thought it would be a good idea for Leia to co-chair that position with her.

The positions of Treasurer, Vice-president, and Membership Coordinator are still open.

Teacher Appreciation Week is April 30-May 4. Monday-Salty treats, Tuesday-sweet treats, Wednesday-Flowers/Notes, Thursday-School supplies (if we do this, we need to ask the room parent what the classroom needs are), Friday-gift of choice. We will ask for students to bring in extra sweet and salty treats to put in goody bags for the non-homeroom teachers, staff, and bus drivers. The PTO will add a bottle of water. We need to order bags from City Paper. A flyer will need to be sent out the Wednesday before.

Treasurer’s Report – given by Kim Cripps

A total of $3737 was raised by the Coin Drive and we spent $45 giving us a net profit of $3,692. This year we have a net revenue of $20,364 and spent $29,807. We currently have open purchase orders of $6,094 from copier fees. Our current total balance is $35,968.

Other Business

Shannon proposed that we do a tiered membership for next year offering different items from our Spirit Sale stash to each level.