August Minutes

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Pelham Oaks Elementary School PTO

General Meeting Minutes

8:15 Conference Room


Attendance: Jessica Combs, Kristin Jacobs, Brittany Layton, Shannon White, Jenny Templin, Valerie Cockerham, Kathryn Esquivel, Lisa Nichols, Brooke Blake, Brittany Sell, Olivia Cruz, and Leia Tucker


Shannon White moderated on behalf of Shelley Griffis



  • Mrs. Miller declined the committee’s request to use ice cream as a reward for all six classrooms for the Membership Drive.
  • Shannon asked that Jenny and Lisa come up with some more ideas for the membership drive and for increasing membership in general.



  • We need volunteers to man our Spirit Table at tonight’s Open House. Brittany, Valerie, Jenny, Lisa and Leia said they could help. Shannon recommended that we arrive at 5:00 to set it up.
  • Box Tops
    • Kathryn said that the deadline is November 1 and that Melanie will need 2 weeks to count them so the contest needs to run from mid-September-mi- October. She suggested we stick with our Auburn-Alabama theme. That we offer a popcorn party to the class who turns in the most box tops and a jeans pass to their teacher. Shannon asked that she write up her proposal and submit it to Shelley and that she would then send it to Mrs. Miller for approval.
    • It was suggested that Leia post on Facebook a link to the list of brands that have Box Tops and to make suggestions on fun ways to collect them: ask family, have a central place in the home for them, make it game while shopping, etc.
    • The group voted to set a goal of $1500 in Box Tops for Fall
    • Boosterthon offers the following shirt options: $2.65/ea for their shirt, $3.45/ea for a custom white shirt and black print (with color print an additional .30/ea for each color), a color shirt for$3.80/ea, or a dri fit shirt for $6.10/ea. The group voted for the $3.45/ea option.
      • There was an extensive discussion about whether the money from the businesses was going to cover the cost of the t-shirts plus enough left over to go back to the school.
  • Fun Run
    • Boosterthon has been hired to run our Fun Run this year. There will be a meeting with them and Mrs. Miller on Wednesday, September 5. Shannon asked for three board members to attend. Kathryn, Lisa and Leia volunteered.
    • Jenny & Kat are responsible for the Fun Run.
    • Shelley recommended that the business sponsor levels be as follows: $100 and we mention them on Facebook, $200 and they get on the sign and a mention on Facebook, or $300 and they get on the shirt, sign and Facebook.
      • The group decided that there needs to be some further investigation by Jenny and Kat on how to attract sponsors before deciding on the sponsor levels.
      • It was suggested that we make them sponsors of PTO as a whole for the entire year.
  • Mrs. Miller has approved September 18 as a Spirit Night. Jaime Lowery is working with Sonic to see if they would be willing to host.



  • There will be a Teacher/Staff appreciation lunch on September 25. Brittany will work on ideas for a theme. She will ask Stephen to generate Sign Up genius pages for this event.
  • Brittany has also gotten approval for Coffee Cart on September 4. The group voted to approve spending $100 for this. Jessica Combs and Kristin Jacobs volunteered to help.
  • Shannon put up for vote spending $50 to restock the coffee center in the teacher workroom. The group approved the request.


Other Business

  • Kathryn asked if we could provide more social events like she is seeing the Ridge do. Everyone agreed that this would be a great idea. It was also suggested that we do joint events with the Ridge. Kristin Jacobs said she would talk with their PTO president. Jenny, Leia and Brittany said they would research ideas.