February Minutes

POE PTO Board Meeting Minutes

February 8. 2018

8:20 am-9:15 am


Meeting called to order by President Shelley Griffis


Attendance: Shelley Griffis, Kelly Windham, Kathryn Esquivel, Julia Rmeily, Shannon White, Latanya Dawson, Chase Holden, Robert Searcy and Leia Tucker


President’s Report – given by Shelley Griffis

  • Shelley will e-mail revised by-laws for approval.
  • McDonald’s Spirit Night
    • We raised nearly $800 during the McDonald’s Spirit Night. They presented the school a check on Wednesday, February 7.
    • Everyone voted yes to allocate the money to the school for the purchase of a new laminator.
  • At the beginning of the school year, Mrs. Miller asked if we could set aside some money for a new curtain for the stage. As of now, since it is not a necessity, we will wait but it will be something we can consider in the future.


Fundraising’s Report – given by Kathryn Esquivel

  • Box Tops
    • Melanie Sherer will sort the Box Tops.
  • Coin Drive
    • Kat has made arrangements to borrow a coin machine.
    • Kat is still looking for the old coin bags. She will purchase new ones if she can not find them.
    • Shelley and Kat will finalize prizes. Prizes will be given to the top class in each grade level. And a school level prize will be given out based on how much money is raised.
    • oMrs. Harrison dropped by and suggested that the classes that win all get together in the cafeteria to enjoy donuts and maybe watch their teacher get pied.
    • For the school level prize, it was suggested that we ask Officer Martin to wear a tutu during car pool if we reach $2000. Other suggestions included duct taping the principal/vice-principal to the wall or sliming them or having them kiss an animal.
    • Shelley will communicate all of our ideas with Mrs. Miller to get her approval.


Hospitality – given by Julia Rmeily

  • Teacher Appreciation Lunch on Friday, February 16
    • Sign up for the teacher appreciation lunch is going well.
    • She would like to put together Valentines goody bags with chocolates to hand out during the lunch. She will put in a PO so she can shop for these items.
  • Bus Driver Appreciation Day
    • It is on Monday, February 12. She has requested a PO so she can buy a few treats for the drivers. We will also invite them to the lunch on Friday and to all future lunches.
    • Julia also pointed out that Counselor Appreciation Week was the week before so she requested a PO so she can get a treat for Mrs. McRae.
    • Everyone present voted “yes” to approve $100 to buy the things she needs.