March Minutes

POE PTO Board Meeting Minutes

March 8, 2018

8:20 am-9:15 am


Meeting called to order by President Shelley Griffis

Minutes from 2/8/18 were approved


Attendance: Shelley Griffis, Ashley Harris, Kelly Windham, Kathryn Esquivel, Julia Rmeily, Latanya Dawson, Chase Holden, Valerie Cockerham and Leia Tucker


President’s Report – given by Shelley Griffis

  • The formation of the Nominating Committee
    • We need to send out an interest sheet for open positions. It was decided that this needs to be done the week after Spring Break.
    • It was decided that a ballot needs to be sent out the third week of April.
    • Leia volunteered to create the necessary forms. Kelly said that she would send past forms to her to serve as examples.
    • We need to have everyone confirmed by the end of April so new board members can attend our last meeting.
    • Leia and Kathryn said they would stay in their current position. Julia volunteered to move into the Hospitality Coordinator position. All other board members need to make a decision before Spring Break.
    • It was suggested that maybe Room Mom Coordinator could merge with Volunteer coordinator for the next school year.
    • It was also decided that we need to get the interest form into the hands of incoming kindergarten parents if at all possible. We also need to post on other Pelham parent Facebook pages.


Fundraising’s Report – given by Kathryn Esquivel

  • Coin Drive
    • We have a pig for Mr. Holden to kiss. Mrs. Miller would like to have an assembly on April 23 so the whole school can see the school-wide prizes given. Mr. Holden said he will let us know what time. The class prize of a doughnut party will be given afterwards.
    • Shelley said that she has an idea for a slime dumping device that we can make if we raise enough money.
    • Volunteers are need from 10:30-1:30 each day. Kat would like for there to be at least 1 board member present. Kat will be there every day. Ashley volunteered to be there Monday and Friday. Julia volunteered to be there Tuesday and Thursday. Leia will be there on Wednesday.
    • Regions will charge for each bag of coins they count for us. Shelley is looking into a way to do it for free. We will need a deposit slip each day from Terry for each bag.
    • We need doughnut holes for the classes who raise the most money. Julia volunteered to call Shipley’s and Duncan Donuts. Valerie volunteered to call Donut Joe’s and LaTanya volunteered to call Krispy Kreme. We will serve water with them.
    • Kat would like to have a bulletin board to show our progress during the week. Mr. Holden said he would check to see if one was available.