Laura Schmidt


Hi! My name is Laura Schmidt and this is my 15th year teaching First Grade. I graduated from the University of Kansas in 1980 with a Bachelor's Degree in Performance: Voice,  but soon discovered that being a church soloist and the occasional wedding and funeral did not pay the bills! I then spent several years working in hospital Medical Records and for a Nephrology and Hypertension Group of doctors in Wichita, Kansas. I loved medicine but finally decided to do what I should have done the first time: become a teacher. I got my Master's in Elementary Education from the University of Montevallo and have been in first grade ever since. I have three grown children, 5 dachshunds, and 2 cats. My husband passed away several years ago. I love first grade because it is a year of such tremendous growth! The children never cease to amaze me, and I love teaching them to read most of all.  

OUR LUNCH TIME IS 11:10 - 11:35
Lunch visitors must be on a student's approved check out list.
Lunch visitors are limited to 2 visitors per child. Bring in and be prepared to show your photo id/driver's license to the office staff when checking in. 
Complete online notification form by 9:00 a.m. on the day you plan to visit for lunch.