Marla Vaughn

Meet Miss Vaughn

Hey! My name is Marla Vaughn, and I am blessed to have the privilege of teaching third grade at Pelham Oaks! I 'd like to tell you a little bit about myself. I was born and grew up in Geneva, AL. After graduating from Geneva High School, I went to Samford University and then transferred to and graduated from University of Montevallo. After college I moved out west. I lived in Fort Worth, Texas for a little more than two years to attend graduate school. I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Texas! I learned a lot and enjoyed the lifestyle that exists there. However, I was glad to move back east of the Mississippi after I graduated!

I decided in kindergarten that I wanted to be a teacher. Although I thought otherwise a few times in my life, I always came back around to teaching. I remember setting up my baby dolls and stuffed animals in my playroom and playing school. My kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Patti Phipps was the first of many teachers who influenced my decision to follow in their footsteps. She made a great impact on my life! "Thanks Mrs. Phipps!"

Here are a few of my favorite things. My favorite colors are orange and blue and pretty much any bright color. My favorite animal is a pig! My favorite thing about teaching is kids! My favorite foods are Mexican, pizza, broccoli, pineapple and good 'ole grilled hamburgers! My favorite authors are Nicholas Sparks and Sharon Gillenwater. My favorite book is Save Me a Seat by Sarah Weeks and Gita Varadarajan. My favorite artist is Mary Engelbreit. My favorite sport is football--high school and college. My favorite team is AUBURN!

Another of my favorite things is my family! There were six (Dad, Mom, one brother, two sisters and me) of us in my immediate family. We lost my daddy in the fall of 2020. My mom still lives in Geneva and really enjoys it when we all get together. I have one sister-in-law and one brother-in-law. I also have the four greatest nephews and one amazing niece who all agree I am the coolest aunt ever--or at least that’s what they tell me when I ask! Our family began growing in 2016 when I gained the coolest nephew-in-law and the best niece-in-law! I now have three of the most absolutely precious great nieces! I think I have the greatest family in the whole world!

Believe it or not, I did not like school growing up. My dad always said I never let school get in the way of my social life. The further I went in my education career, the more I gained the love of learning.
I have a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood/Elementary Education from the University of Montevallo, a Master of Arts in Christian Education from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, a Master of Science and Education Specialist Degree in Elementary Education, and a certificate in Instructional Leadership from Samford University.

I am very involved in education outside of the school walls. I am currently President of the Board of Directors for Alabama Conference of Educators (ACoE) which is Alabama's independent professional teacher organization. I am honored to have sat on Congressman Spencer Bachus' Education Committee as well as Governor Bentley's Teacher Cabinet. I truly believe I have been called to teach and I take my calling to heart daily. I know parents have numerous options of how and where to educate their children. I sincerely appreciate those who choose public education and entrust their precious little ones to me every day! I strive to make every decision based on the best interest of not only my students but all students. My heart's desire is to be a positive leader in education. To accomplish that I will continue to pursue opportunities that impact public education and students.

Fun Facts: I am fluent in sign language and love to teach it to anyone willing to learn! I like to travel, read, and spend time with my family and friends. Music is a big part of my life. I love musicals! If there is no music playing, I often entertain myself (and sometimes others passing by) with a little blurb of the latest thing I've listened to!

Welcome to Miss Vaughn’s family! I tell all my kids, once you are mine, you and your family are always mine!

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